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Major companies are beginning to understand the benefits of allowing their workforce to make money from home. By incorporating online careers into their business models, they create legitimate work from home jobs for their employees, save money, reduce employee turnover and earn spots on major “Best of . . .” lists.

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The benefits of establishing online careers are well known. As a work from home employee, all the stresses associated with getting to work are eliminated. You get your coffee, a bagel, adjust your slippers, and you're on your way.

Whether the company foots the bill for the computer, phone and Internet, varies, but since many employees already have these items in place, it's not usually a big issue. The ability to make money from home, from employers who offer legitimate work from home jobs, cannot be beat.

Here’s an employer that makes creating telecommuting online careers happen:

Teach for America – Teach for America is a not for profit company, whose mission it is to provide low income children with an excellent education and change the direction of their lives. Teach for America seeks and enlists committed individuals who are leaders, and who present a record of achievement to work with children.

The 2012 CNN Money list, 100 Best Companies to Work for, identifies “of the 85 Best Companies that allow employees to telecommute or work at home at least 20% of the time,” Teach for America is number 4 on the CNN Money list, with 80% of their employees listed as regular telecommuters.

These legitimate work from home jobs are primarily in remote administrative support. Pay for this position is based on experience, and varies by location, but on average is approximately $28,000 per year.

If the ability to make money from home is your goal, or you’re looking for online careers, here are some additional legitimate work from home jobs -

Additional Work at Home Companies

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